Class and Racial Playstyles Guide
By Raeiphon




Bonuses: Stealth detection skill, sword and mace specialization, +10% spirit increase, x1.5 reputation gain

Humans are a jack-of-all-trades race. The sword and mace specialization is minor, but suits both warriors, paladins, priests and rogues. All of which the

race allows as a class. The spirit increase is pretty major at endgame and a spellcasters love. Stealth detection skill allows
for rogues to detect higher level rogues, and other classes a decent chance at detecting rogues. Perception 95% breaks Shadowmeld (Night elf racial). Humans

start off with base skills generally equal or on an offset of 2,3 depending on class.

Good race for Paladins, Warriors and Priests.

Night Elf

Bonuses: +1% dodge chance, +10 passive nature resistancre, +50% speed increase upon death, ability to go into improved stealth at any time but must remain


Night elves are possibly one the best Rogue classes, and have everything a Priest would want aswell. The extra dodge may not seem like much, but as far as

rogues are concerned, something is better than nothing. +10 nature resist may not be the most bright thing of the race, but it can provide early advantages

against mob spellcasters of the type. Improved stealth (shadowmeld) is possibly one of the best racial traits in the whole game, this mode allows you to do a

variety of actions in it (all are passive) which can greatly benefit any class.

Good race for Rogues, Priests, Hunters.


Bonuses: +15% intellegence bonus, ability to negate speed/movement imparing effects, +10 arcane resistance, +15 engineering bonus

Gnomes have racial abilities which will not benefit you at all in the lower levels. As you rise however, you’ll really begin to feel the +15% intellegence

bonus, and you’ll be using Escape Artist at every chance you can get in PvP. +15 engineering bonus is an absolute godsend – engineering is a major endgame

PvP skill and this allows you to create objects alot faster, with greater efficiency and less cost.

Good race for all spellcasters.


Bonuses: Stoneform ability (While active, grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. In addition, Armor increases by 5% and speed reduced to 70%

of normal. Lasts 20 sec. – 3 min cooldown), +5 skill with Guns, +10 cold resistance, treasure chest tracking skill

Dwarven racial abilities relate alot to gnomes – useless at the beginning of the game, but reap benefits as you gain levels. Stoneform is very good for

negating the highly damage dealing buffs endgame players/monsters can afflict on you, and +5% armor can be a small help. Treasure tracking is only relatively

useful for quests – as chests generally tend to yield poor results and items.

Good race for Warriors, Paladins.



Bonuses: Blood Fury (Activate to increase base melee attack power by 25% for 15 sec but take a 25% decrease in base melee attack power for 45 sec after

Bloody Fury wears off – lasts 15 sec – 2 min cooldown.) ability, +25% resistance to stun/knockout effects, +5% hunter pet melee damage, +5 to axes

Orcs are a generally melee balanced race, the +5% to hunter pet damage is nothing significant. Blood Fury is also one of the best racial traits in the game

for any melee based class (rogues in particular, i believe this stacks with slice and dice), +5 in axes isnt really all that great, but +2.5% chance to hit

isnt too bad either.

Good race for Warriors, Shaman, Rogues.


Bonuses: Beserking (attack and casting speed by 25% but take 10% more damage in the process – lasts 20 sec – 2 min cooldown) ability, +10% additional

regeneration of health (10% of normal regen including bonus continues during combat), +5% damage to beasts, +5 throwing weapons

Trolls are a rogue and hunter race. They yield amazing agility base stats, which is essential to both classes. Beserking is brilliant ability to use in the

endgame, as high critical rates and high damage melee allow this skill to shine in its best. Throwing weapons +5 isnt brilliant at all, infact it’s possibly

one of the most useless racial abilities in the game, but +5% damage against beasts is practically like having a lesser beastslayer enchants on all of your

weapons – all the time – for free.

Good race for Hunters, Rogues.


Bonuses: Will of the Forsaken (Activate to become immune to Fear, Sleep, and Charm effects. Can also be used while already afflicted by Fear or Sleep – lasts

5 sec – 2 min cooldown) ability, Cannibilize (Consume a humanoid or undead corpse to regenerate 45%+ of your health over 10 sec), +300% underwater breathing

time, +10 shadow resistance

Undead yield a good race for any class they support. Will of the Forsaken is the best racial PvP trait in the game, allowing you to escape from death

sentence situations where no other could. Cannibilize is practically a free heal every two minutes if you’re PvPing or PvE’ing humanoids. +300% underwater

time rocks for exploring sunken ruins, which can yield amazing grinding opportunities and brilliant treasure rewards.

Good race for Anything.


Bonuses: War Stomp (Stuns up to 4 enemies in a melee range for up to 2 seconds), +15 herbalism bonus, +5% max hp, +10 nature resistance

Taurens are THE warrior race. Warriors and druids are the Tauren’s strong suit. War stomp is practically a get-out-of-death free card, +15 herbalism allows

for picking of rare herbs alot faster, +5% max hp is a godsend at endgame.

Good race for Warriors, Druids, Shaman.


Class Playstyles


Transpose Rage into Damage

Warriors are the panzer tanks of WoW – both strong and deadly, you can guarantee victory against anything your own level or under with the right equipment

and skill. Warriors are not as generic as they are in other games, they are possibly one of the hardest classes to spec for and require a high upkeep as

equipment is churned through a warrior like a hot knife through butter.

Pros: High damage, soaks high damage, easy to play
Cons: Huge equipment upkeep, not good at dealing with many mobs


Transpose Mana into Semi-Direct Damage (DoT)

Warlocks pretty much turn health into mana, which they then transpose into massive damage over time spells. Warlocks also get snazzy pets at intervals of 10

levels (excluding Imp) which can be used to tank, seduce, silence and even raise your stamina by huge amounts. Warlocks can conjure high healing health

stones, and can act as a priest with soulstones if one isnt present. Warlocks are circulated around damage dealing, but can be used for crowd control and can

be healers if need be.

Pros: High damage over time spells, strong pets
Cons: fairly hard to play, not good at dealing with multiple mobs, guzzles mana like a diesel engine


Transpose Mana into Health, Damage and Semi-Direct Damage (DoT)

Druids are a jack-of-all-trades-good-at-none class. Druids can act as a Priest, Warrior and a Rogue. Generally Druids are hard to play, as managing each form

effectively is a skillful job. They can do decent healing in normal form, decent damage as a Warrior in Bear form, quick, large damage in Cat form as a

Rogue. Choose this class if you cant choose between the three and have a high patience and lots of time.

Pros: Three classes in one, good endgame PvP, travel form
Cons: fairly hard to level, guzzles mana


Tranpose Mana into Protection and Healing

Paladins are healing melee players. Alot like shamans, but less magical damage. Paladins are mainly orientated around melee, but have some decent magical

attacks and even a limited invunerability spell, and can act as a priest if need be. They also have a second chance skill, which allows you to use all your

mana into direct healing on yourself or a friend, to keep them alive if they are near death.

Pros: Able to heal self, good melee, good buffs
Cons: equipment burner, mana guzzler


Transpose Health and Mana into Direct damage

Shamans get totems, are adept melee machines, can heal themselves and just generally rock. Shamans are PvP gods at endgame, few classes can solo a shaman. A

shaman can attack from range and with melee, so he always gets the good end of the bat and even has a ressurection spell. What more do you want?

Pros: Able to heal self, massive damage output, travel form, able to decimate players/mobs several levels higher with ease
Cons: guzzles equipment, guzzles mana, tendancy to get grouped in PvP


Transpose Mana and Pet Focus into Direct and Semi-Direct damage (DoT)

Hunters get pets, strong pets which can sometimes match or succeed your DPS. Pets require low upkeep, and are generally a hunters soul. Hunters get high

damage/sapping stings (serpent, viper and wyrven) and can take multiple mobs at once with no problem. They are generally range attackers, but survival spec

hunters can double as tanks and can even decimate a stealthed rogue at close range.

Pros: Pets, Strong survival tree, low upkeep
Cons: very dependant on player skill, ammo guzzler


Directly transpose Mana into Direct & Semi Direct damage

Mages are incredible damage dealers. Roughly, 1 point of mana can cause above 12 damage at level 60. They’re fairly easy to level if geared properly, and are

PvP killing machines where a shaman isnt availible. They have the ability to conjure food and water, thus being a fairly self-reliant class. Mages can stand

up to shamans of their own levels and hold their ground, but a mage without mana is like a hunter without his pet. As a mage, you must have mana management

skills or you will surely fail.

Pros: Insane damage output, alot of speed affecting debuffs, ability to conjure food/water
Cons: Inept melee skills, absolute mana guzzlers, requries definate skill to use effectively


Directly transpose Mana into Direct Healing or Semi Direct Damage & Direct damage & Direct Party Healing (whew, mouthful)

Priests are generally very weak, and insanely hard to level at the beginning of the game, as they have slow casting times and mainly healing spells with a

few DoT’s. However, at the endgame, if one invests into the shadow tree talents, can become a face-melting, insane damage machine that none other can match.

Imagine healing yourself over time, constantly while afflicting huge amounts of damage onto the enmies. Your party is also healed, and you get to melt faces!

How cool is that? Thats what a shadow priests offer.

Pros: Always wanted in parties (shadow or holy), amazing endgame shadow talent tree, perfect healer
Cons: Insanely hard to level, solo leveling is not an option


Directly transspose Energy into Direct & Semi-Direct damage (DoT minor)

Rogues are the damage-per-second class. Enough said. An endgame rogue is capable of tearing down any class, any race, any faction. With ease. Within a few

seconds in odd cases. Rogues are THE standard melee pvp gods. But this comes with a price – rogues suffer a HP loss, and thus fall very quickly to attacks

other classes can easily stand.

Pros: God-like dps, ability to stealth (sneak), no mana management required
Cons: Hard to level, lowered hp


Usage of this guide

Unsure on what race is best for your class? Unsure of what class you want to be? This guide will sort all this out. I have done my best off my 7 months

playing WoW to explain what each class uses as its main damage source, and what race will suit the class you are choosing.



1) "Transpose", what does it mean?

1a) Transpose practically means the conversion of the unit to another unit, so Directly tranpose Mana into Direct Damage (mage) would simply mean that Mana

is used as the main damage source. Some may find this useful if they are just beginning to start WoW and are very technical.

2) Some information is wrong!

2a) In that case, please dont hesitate to post in this thread to tell me whats wrong, and I’ll edit the guide accordingly if I find you are right.

3) I dont agree with you on —–!

3a) That, alas is your personal opinion. Feel free to post it, but dont expect me to add it to the guide unless I feel it’s really nessecary.

4) Can I take this off MPS?

4a) No.

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